Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Arrest me (not) Thai polizei!

Ahem, well I have first noticed the strait look Thai policemen carry when I was on vacation in Phuket back then in 2007, which I think was a mixture of mod and cool. There is something unique about their uniform but I did not take much heed of it at that moment. Then I watched a riot scene in Bangkok over the news on national TV station and you know, the thought randomly reappeared; and I thought - Hey Mr. Police, you owe me an explanation! XD. Before we start our analysis, I would like to share some pictures of their uniform just in case you have not seen or notice them earlier. Just behold!

Exhibit 1:

Thai policemen
Photo taken from ronvalboy flickr photostream

Exhibit 2 (Loving the lining over the shoulders - refer to the man in the middle. The uniform would look much nicer if donned with well-made boots though.):

With boots
Photo taken from pand0ra23's flickr photostream

and finally, Exhibit 3 (Such style! Makes me want to play In Flagranti's Coquine on my playlist LOL!! :>

Photo taken from Dunk the Funk's flickr photostream

Alright, I think you can pretty much guess the pattern - it's body-hugging and well-fitted which portrays the neatness and efficiency in styling oneself. I don't know if the look is appealing to our male counterparts, but I personally think it enhances a guy's good physique in a way.. and again, it's neat. In my personal opinion, an efficient dresser (Okay, of which arises a question here.. Is there such thing as being efficient in deciding what to wear?? Well, in my case THERE IS!) keeps his/her appearance look sleek, uncluttered, with minimal layer of clothing to wear. As a strict believer of "function over form" philosophy, I would say their uniform is yet the best example. Minimalistic with a touch of style - and the right combination of contrasts and acessories (read: belt, helmet and boots).

Another thing that I noticed with the uniform is that it exudes an authoritative look by:

1 - Showing off the lean silhouette of the wearer which conveys strength and bravery
2 - Dark earthy colours which exposes military looks
3 - Thick fabric that adds to resistance and strength
4 - Big heavy belt makes them look so together (I have a black leather belt which looks just as those!)

For I think Thai's police uniform as a well-thought design (despite of the thick fabric worn in hot weather, but afterall they are expected to be tough and being in a mobile sauna would not interrupt much with their day-to-day duties), here is an explanation of why it appeared so in an article -> I Love a Man/Woman in a Uniform: Thailand's Obsession with the Uniform.


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