Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music genre and the way we dress

I have always known that an individual's personality is indirectly reflected by which genre of songs that they listen to. I used to have a very narrow acquaintance acceptance because I only befriend with people with good pick of music. An avid addiction to highly energetic songs makes me a listener to only rock and all sorts of electro music, of which also makes me think that others who doesn't share similar tastes boring, uncool, no fun, you name it. Yeah shallow :P. Anyways, at the end of the day, it is the way you communicate with others and relating with their strengths and weaknesses that truly adds meaning to your companionships.

For today's entry, I have an article to share which also justifies my aforementioned assumption. Got it from Elle Magazine Singapore March Edition. Based on the article, I am definitely the Rock Chick. So, it's your turn to find out which chick are you and perhaps this would make you finally understand your other female mates.

Written by Shane Watson.


"Can't keep up with fashion's fickle trends? Identify your inner song style and your life will be a perfect symphony - well, almost, says Shane Watson"

Here's a little-known fact: One of the things that distinguishes who you really are is your Natural Music Genre (NMG). You're either a natural Soul Sister, Rock Chick or a Country Girl. Forget your CD collection: We're looking beyond that to the genuinely revealing signs. For example, Soul Sisters do cleavage as a matter of course, Country Girls use cleavage to get where they want and Rock Chicks don't deal much in cleavage because it doesn't work with their look. Also, Country Girls are romantic: they care about gestures and want to be whisked off their feet, whereas Rock Chicks expect angst and drama in their relationships. Meanwhile, Soul Sisters have no illusions and take their loving where they can. Getting the hang of it? This isn't about The Darkness versus Joss Stone: It's the way you're made that dictates the NMG you belong to.

Why would you care? Well, if you're in denial about your NMG, everything - from your wardrobe to your choice of boyfriends - will be subtly out of kilter and there's a good chance you aren't fulfilling your true potential. You know that (rare) feeling when you slip on a dress in the changing room and - bam! - you can't believe that wearing clothes doesn't feel this good all the time? Well, if you have your NMG sorted, that kind of feeling should come into your life a lot more often. Equally, did you ever find yourself gritting your teeth when your boyfriend's sunny, artistic, outdoors-loving friends come over? That's because you're a Rock Chick who has fallen in with a country crowd. Now, there's nothing at all wrong with that, but if you're thinking of settling down together, think again.

If you need to work out your NMG from scratch, just to be sure, the best place is with your wardrobe. The basic rule is that Rock Chicks want to look cool, Country Girls want to look pretty and Soul Sister want to look hot. There is no such thing as a skinny, neat Soul Girl or a Soul Girl who likes to wear neutral colours, flat shoes or her hair short and manageable. If you think you're a Soul Girl, you will have a fondness for makeup, funky rings, slinky fabrics and indulgent underwear. You'll also love your bed, your mother, flirting and dancing and be suspicious of people who use the gym and men who want to stay friends. When it comes to relationships, you'll never come within a mile of a country boy, but a rock 'n' roller is a real possibility.

Country Girls like to wear their hair up and collect retro dresses and pretty shoes. They love their bathrooms, have a strong sense of their femininity and, being real Daddy's girls, are old-fashioned in their approach to their love lives, tending to defer to men in relationships. They can be tough, but are good listeners because they're survivors. If you're one of their number, you'll have a tiered skirt in your wardrobe and stay in touch with all your ex-boyfriends who, at one time or another, have included Rock Boys, though never Soul Men.

Rock Chicks favour their legs, so tight jeans and seriously short skirts are wardrobe staples. They like to hide behind fringes, hats and sunglasses and insist on an element of 'edge' in their look, even when they're heading off to visit a friend in hospital. They're always having men problems, work problems, money problems or losing things, while their mood and general well-being are as up and down as a Big Dipper. Their menfolk are almost always of the same NMG, but Rock Chicks are broad-minded when it comes to choosing a mate: As long as he's a party animal, they'll get along just fine.

By the way, if you want to apply NMG test to men, then save time and start with their record collections - we guys are much simpler creatures to read rather than women ever could be.

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