Friday, March 28, 2008

Fresh Labels 2008 - An Overdue Review

Thanks to Jiok Brian for the photo :)

Fresh Labels 2008 is another fashion show project that is held annually by SIFE Nottingham and this year, SIFE MMU contributed several independent designers in conjunction with their Art Market Project which is going to take place this April 1st until 3rd. So, if you happen to be around Cyberjaya on that day, please make a point to come and visit our humble booth :).

On the day Fresh Labels took place, I arrived at 7.30pm as stated in the promotional flyer and came looking for Zul of PopMalaya with his fiance of whom arrived earlier. Zul clad in My Indie Rock Darling t-shirt covered with knitted plaid cardigan and Dila in her pre-90's artist's vest attire paired with jeans were dressed seemingly oblivious to the glamor of the event. I, normally prepared with every possible expectations of the event, applied very little make-up, eyes highlighted with metallic and black eye shadows completed with my M.A.C. nude colored lipstick - yeah the color is a bit passe for this Spring season but whatever ha! I wore my latest design, a crossover of kimono top, only tighter with my men trousers that I had it tailored when I was in Phuket. It is actually my favorite piece of the wardrobe.

Anyways, after we've found each other and exchanged casual remarks, we decided not to wait for the rest of the crowd to arrive and proceeded to the queue aisle. We didn't know what to do as we're not used to get invitations to this kind of event so I just came up to the lady at the ticketing counter and told her we're in the list. Haha OMG I just said that! I felt trendy upon chanting the phrase "We're in the list." hahaha! This may sound absurd but yeah coming from the underground background, this situation can rarely be encountered unless we're party regulars :P. So yeah, next, this cute guy introduced himself as Chris gave us VIP tags (another reason to be OMG-ed) and ushered us to the VIP seats beside the stage. Check this out, we did have our own place to hang! Hahahah!

We weren't expecting much as we've never been to any fashion show except the ones that we organized for the independent clothing labels but the VIP treatment made us feel good around that place. The VIP wasn't a big deal, really. It's just another fanciful experience, so why not enjoy it? :D. The event started with the DJ playing some cool house numbers with the likes of Moby remixed and stuffs in contrary with trance and overrated hip-hop.

There were eight labels featured in the fashion show which comprises of PopRina, Sixpenze, MooMoo, PopMalaya, Sevendays, Dotiro, PurpleDotz and Tres Chic. PopRina was second in line followed by PopMalaya. Before my line's turn, I've got the chance to peek into the changing room for the need to accessorize the models with my Batik Hanky so as to add some personal touch to their styling. The room was very busy what with models changing their next attires, people busy searching for stuffs, people in between of makeup touch-ups. So yeah things were getting exciting and I was loving the adrenalines and movements that filled the room. In the midst of the hustles and bustles, the project leader introduced herself to me and apparently she was one of the models on the catwalk! How cool is that! People like her empowers fashion like Yves Saint Laurent did in his earlier career stage. We chatted a bit, not really a meaningful one but yeah I would love to talk to her some other time :).

The models looked good in my clothings! I will attach the images as soon as I get them from the photographers. I even got to come up to the runway escorted by two models sporting my attire and bowed like real designers do! :D:D:D. Abundance flashlights coming from the photographers had really made me feel glamorous on the stage which is good as I am all the way for glamrock. By the way, are those related? Haha. When it was Zul's turn to bow he was all smiled and looked proudly at his fiance, upon escorted with the models hahahahh!! He even stayed longer than he should on the stage! "I was waiting for the photographers to finish taking up my picture", he claimed. *Rolls eyes..*

Zul and Dila went home after the first half while I stayed until the show ends. Savoring the moments, enjoying the good music eventhough my hearing was almost impaired due to very close proximity to the speaker, observing the fine details of other designers work were all that could inspire and make my day. All in all, the event was superb and again, I can't wait to get a view of all the pictures taken during the event. Oh on another note, an acquaintance (I am hesitant to call her a fan because we're acquainted? :P) even came upon noting PopRina on the list of the runway :P. I was so touched by her presence and many many thanks to her for making an appearance! Thanks so much dear!

I've always wanted a fashion show with an electro runway tracks and I got it right there! Hoping to get acts like Goodnight Electric and the likes from their motherland to feature in my fashion show in the future. I enjoyed the music (again), the proper systematic way of them organizing it, the models, the venue, the stage, the crowd, the photographer, everything! I am thanking SIFE for inviting us to participate in the fashion show. Hopefully we can collaborate again in the future. Danke peeps! :)

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