Saturday, February 2, 2008

Top Twenty Key Trends

Major New Fashion Looks for Fall 2007 Winter 2008
Top Twenty Key Trends

1. COATS - A major trend is for coats - seek Cocoon volume, Trapeze A-lines or masculine lean tailored fitted coats.

2. PLAIDS AND CHECKS - Big tartans and checks create punk influenced jackets, dresses, bags and coats.

3. ARMY & NAVY MILITARY - Sgt. Pepper - braids, brass, ornate pea coats, martial lines in black, navy, cream, olive.

4. GLEAM & SHEEN - METALLICS, LEATHER, PATENT, PLASTIC, RUBBER - shine, sheen, glow, glimmer and gleam.

5. BIKER BABE - Leather multi zipper biker jackets, sans studs. Supple leather knee coats worn with skinnies.

6. ARMORIAL - Clothes with hardware or reptilian textured leathers make the perfect warrior women.

7. 1940s GLAMOUR GODDESS GOWNS - Grown up dressing for girls who emulate 1940s satin clad sultry sirens.

8. SECRETARY DRESSES - Figure hugging midi dresses for hourglass bodies. Try sack, trapeze or pinafore alternatives.

9. OPULENCE - Pailettes and embellishment bulks-up to become passementerie. Deluxe gold trim overlays black.

10. SKIRT SUITS - Formal dressing made easy with matchy matchy jackets and full or pencil skirts.

11. SHOOTING PARTY - Lighter weight country look tweeds, moleskin and corduroy separates, but for town wear.

12. EQUESTRIAN - Sporting touches in boots and trousers. Think jodhpurs, crisp shirts, caps and riding capes.

13. MAN ABOUT TOWN - Androgynous dressing in high-waisted man tailored pants, or tuxedo masculine trouser suits.

14. GLOBAL NOMAD - Ethnic Mix - tribal look that evolves, refuses to die. Melting pot traveller clashing prints, patterns.

15. WINTER WARMERS - BIG KNITS - Every wardrobe will succumb to at least one item from oversized knit ranges.

16. QUILTED, PADDED & PUFFA LOOKS - Practical glamour for winter cosiness. This is edgy when styled well.

17. MONOCHROME - Black with white optical effects, grey knitwear and tailoring.

18. BLACK ON BLACK - Black texture is laid beside other textures. Matte against shiny, or dull against shimmering black.

19. COLOUR - Jewel colours, bold brights - orange, coral, pink, red, emerald green, amethyst and purple.

20. PURPLE - Any tone, any shade as long as it's purple. Amethyst, aubergine, puce, purple, mauve, lilac, lavender.

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