Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Introduction of PopRina

Urm, copy-pasted from my write-up archives heh. :D

It all started as soon as we realized that most retailers sell simple sophisticated clothes with insensible price. Current everyday clothings lack of local identity in them; hence we decided to do something about it! We made the blueprints, shopped purposeful textiles and started prototyping in late 2006. That was just for fun. Anyways, operation had officially started June, 2007; aggressively promoted September 2007.

We're all about functional fashion. Less frills, ribbons and whatnots. Each cut has its objectives, well we do give way for some dainty details - not wanting to be a nazi here. No offense to whom that may concern! It's a girls' clothing line of which conceptualize simple and vintage designs in our clothes; not forgetting to add some local touch to it so that people would go, "look! they only have that in malaysia"- kind of thing. We aim to converge vintage fashion with modern arts and music. We translate, from our points of view, the sound of synths, beats and that scientific feeling into viewable things such as colors and shapes. Imagine what would our aunts/moms/grannies (if you must) wear in their youth, dancing to that electric tunes or whatever that sounds edgy. Nusantara textures and patterns rock!

PopRina consists of Ell and Keri. Ell started her designing activity since she was small sewing kurungs for her sister's Barbie doll while Keri upon so frequently altering almost all clothes in her posessions.

PopRina’s designs signify a bold personality. So yeah, anyone who wears PopRina, we go girl! - Mereka Terok!! XD

Email us at poprina@gmail.com or msg us for orders/inquirie!

Terima kasih! Danke schon! Thanks!

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