Tuesday, January 1, 2008

PopRina's Credentials

June 2006 - Power Jiwa - Unglamorous Rock n Roll Fashion Show. Fashion show for a local event, its a fashion show plus music performance gig.

January 2007 - Featured in local press The Star - an article entitled 'Funky Business'.

January 2007 - Featured in Bernama - an article entitled 'Indie: Youths' Expression Of Their Generation'.

June 2007 - Figure8 - Local event organized by local magazine (Junk). Also a fashion show cum music performance gig.

January 2008 - Youth '08: We are the Trendsetters - Local Malaysian government-endorsed event. Also a fashion show cum music performance gig.

Feb 2008 - Endorsed an apparel for heroin in local independent movie, Konsekuensi by Razaisyam Rashid

March 2008 - Featured in local lifestyle magazine for Kuala Lumpur, JUNK Magazine. 4-pages feature on the label.

March 2008 - SIFE Malaysia - Nottingham Charity Fashion Show - Participant for the fashion show representing local street designers.

May 2008 - Television interview on local talk show Remaja - 'Usahawan Muda'

June 2008 - Featured on the New Straits Times, Sunday People edition - 'Pop Art with A Local Touch'

September 2008 - Endorsed costume for Sherry Ibrahim on local television drama on astro RIA entitled Renjis.

January 2009 - Youth '09 Fashion Show - Youth festival fashion show participant.

January 2009 - Collection Launch "Maiden of Bambaazon" @ Hedonisco launch fashion show party

May 2009 - Endorsed costume for Tania Zara on local lifestyle magazine, InTrend.

November 2009 - Creative Cluster Fashion Show - Borneo International Trade Fair

Jan 2010 - PopRina New Collection/Fashion The Masses - The Deadlines

Jan 2010 - Featured in Breeze Mag for New Year edition, PopRina's take on Sabah fashion scene and technologic awareness.

May 2011 - Fashion spread featured in Breeze Mag for Kaamatan edition.

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