Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Awak Terok!!

Awak Terok!!.

Or 'You suck!!' in English. Considering the criticism phrase in the tag line, some might be taken aback by it - why did PopRina chose that for its brand? Seeing that all our designs and the image that we portray looks like a hipped up girl-next-door kind, of which is contradictory with the tag line, I felt compelled to at least write an explanation of it so that I won't forget and divert my explanations to the rest of the world in the future. So yeah, here comes the explanation.

Awak Terok!! isn't as bad as you think. It is just an expression for a gutsy individual to point out when she (yes, I address the subject as a female) senses something is not right. It is a portrayal of a set of bold and aggressive characters in a person. On a quirkier note, it could mean that anyone who is not wearing PopRina apparels has a suck-y fashion sense. It's a total clannish, I know :D. Anyone would also exclaim, "Hey, awak terok!" upon teased by their peers. So yeah it could mean anything at all and I like the line as everyone from all walks of life can highly relate to it in one's everyday life. But back to the first explanation of "Awak Terok!!", I am somewhat obliged to implant the spirit to be outspoken to the girls out there. And bear in mind that being outspoken is not similar to being rude or foul-mouthed in attitude (eventhough being foul-mouthed gives you the privilege of being obeyed by everyone because they're scared of you!). It is a matter of having a set of principles and sticking to it through thick and thin in this harsh journey of life. Do the right thing and speak up when something needs to be corrected. In Islam as well, there's a phrase saying "Amar ma'aruf nahi munkar" - enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong - in the Qur'an (Ali-Imran:110).

As obvious as it may seem, we need to be reminded of our capabilities sometimes and this is exactly what I am doing. So yeah girls, remember, "Times are changing, girls can do stuff now." (taken from The Anchorman).

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